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RAI Products is the largest stocking distributor of traffic signal equipment and related products in the southeast United States.

We are also one of the leading suppliers of loop detector sealants in the country.  We stock thousands of items in our Charlotte warehouse and ship most orders the same day they are received.

Whether you need just roll of stainless steel banding or equipment and materials to build a complete intersection (or multiple intersections), we have it "on the shelf".


Our History

RAI Products is a family owned and operated manufacturer and distributor of Traffic Control Equipment and Intellegent Transportation Solutions (ITS) located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Edward Ashley Rosenblatt founded RAI Products, formerly known as Rosenblatt & Associates Inc., in 1954. Back then our primary business was parking gates, access control equipment, and some traffic control equipment. Our very first product line was Federal Western, which eventually became Federal APD many years later.

When Ed Rosenblatt died suddenly in 1962, his youngest son, Jack Rosenblatt, took over the fledgling company. With no experience, but a huge amount of enthusiasm, Jack went to work traveling up and down the east coast selling and servicing parking gates. About that time, the loop detector was starting to replace treadles as the means of detecting vehicles at parking gates.  Little did Jack know, the loop detector would play a huge part in the transformation of his business.

As it turns out, loop detectors were ideal for detecting traffic at signalized intersections. They were much more accurate than the ultrasonic above ground detectors that were popular at the time. In addition, loop detectors could detect presence. From that moment, more and more time was devoted to the fast growing traffic control market.

Over the years, Jack added more and more product lines. These included, but were not limited to, vehicle and pedestrian signals, controllers, cabinets, over-speed warning devices, and school flashers. Slowly, over the years, traffic control equipment became our primary business...though we have never forgotten our roots in the parking and access control market.

Fast-forward to 1985, when Jack’s son John Rosenblatt started working part-time for his father doing odd jobs. He never intended to work in the family business as a career. By 1986, John was so busy helping out at work that he decided to forego college, stay in Charlotte, and help his father run the growing business. 




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